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About Us

Hsuan Yu Paper Co., Ltd., paper world, paper experts - wipe paper, non-woven, water cloth, wet paper towels, food paper, kitchen paper towels, special paper, beauty paper, anti-pollution paper, mask paper,filter bag, needle tie cloth, electronic wiping cloth, dust-free paper, tissue paper, makeup factory, catering paper, paper rags, paper towels, paper rolls, cross hole towel,Planting bags.

Hsuan Yu

paper products mainly to the production and processing of various types of ... Industrial paper / household paper / medical US paper / bed towel / non-woven / water needle cloth / filter paper / wet tissue / tissue / special paper / food filter bag / Stew bags / electronic wipes and other related products! Also provide the same industry foundry / transfer / pressing / cutting pieces and other services! Founded nearly 30 years of brand, with the most stable quality and superior service for the public contribution Cotton strength, and with a good word of mouth.

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To meet the diverse consumer base, Hsuan Yu Paper adopts a diversified business model and focuses on industrial paper while developing other peripheral products covering industrial / medical / home / beauty / high technology / food and beverage Army products .. Constantly for the customer development, innovation of all kinds of needs!

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