Lint Free Cleanroom Wipes

Lint Free Cleanroom Wipes

577-2425 Lint Free Cleanroom Wipes

Made by synthetic fibers PET and RAYON,
After many special processing,
Surface fiber smooth,Fiber is not easy to fall,
Special surface pores can easily clean dirty dust
Soft material will not cause scratches on the cleaning surface,
High temperature resistant and anti-static.

Introducing our Lint Free Cleanroom Wipes, made from high-quality synthetic fibers PET and RAYON. With a basic weight of 40(±5)g/m2, these wipes are designed to provide exceptional cleanliness in various industries and environments. Measuring 24cm × 25cm x 60P, each pack contains 45 packets, ensuring an ample supply for your needs.

Our cleanroom wipes are perfect for dust-free environments, equipment and tool cleaning, car paint maintenance, laboratories, photoelectric plants, semiconductors, circuit boards, and special printing applications. The wipes undergo extensive special processing to achieve a smooth surface fiber that is resistant to shedding. Thanks to their unique surface pores, these wipes effortlessly remove dirt and dust particles.

Rest assured, the soft material of these wipes ensures gentle cleaning without causing any scratches on delicate surfaces. Moreover, they are highly temperature resistant and anti-static, making them suitable for a wide range of cleaning tasks. Trust our Lint Free Cleanroom Wipes to keep your workspace pristine and free from contaminants.

  • Dust-free environment
  • equipment and tools
  • Car paint
  • laboratory
  • Photoelectric plant
  • semiconductor
  • Circuit board
  • special printing

Items :  577-2425  nonwoven wiper

Material : PET + Raylon

Basic Weight : 40(±5)g/m2

Size : 24cm × 25cm x 60P

Quantity : 45packet / carton

Color : white